Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law Changes

Posted January 2012 in Unemployment Compensation by Sharon Lopez

Recent changes to Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Compensation Law make it harder for the unemployed to financially qualify for unemployment compensation (UC) benefits.  Previously, an unemployed worker had to work 16 and earn a minimum of $50 per week to financially qualify for UC benefits.  These weeks are called credit weeks. The new UC law requires workers to earn at least $100 per week in order for that work week to count as a “credit week.”  The credit week must still fall within the “base year.” In order to determine your base year start counting the last completed quarter that you worked and then count back five completed quarters (January-March,  April – June,  July – September,  October – December).  The first four quarters of those five quarters is your base year.

There are other changes in the new UC law but the amount you must earn in order to have the week count as a credit week is important if you are under-employed or had difficulty finding work during the base year. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor web site for Unemployment Compensation is an excellent resource for potential claimants and can be found at:

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