Healthcare reform that helps all workers

Posted March 2013 in Health Care by Sharon Lopez

Healthcare reform, more commonly known as Obama Care, is important to everyone, but it is essential for workers who lost their jobs.  This year the Healthcare Reform Act will allow lower income people to get coverage whether they are employed or not.  Beginning January 1, 2014, workers who make more than the Medicaid limits will be able to purchase insurance in the new healthcare insurance marketplace referred to as the “exchange.”  Registration for the healthcare exchange begins in October 1, 2013 and becomes effective January 1, 2014.  The law prevents insurers from denying coverage based on prior conditions.  It also allows consumers to choose the right plan that suits their individual needs, including behavioral health services.  One of the best attributes of the exchange is the application process.  According to Laval Miller-Wilson, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Health Law Project, the applicant family will know what the cost and plan options are within minutes of completing the application.  Healthcare will cover more, cost less, and will operate more like a free market model.  Obama Care will help unemployed, low-income workers and persons with prior conditions.  Look for more information about the health care exchange on the Kaiser Family Foundation website, which has interesting and helpful illustrations, timelines and subsidy calculators.

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