U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg performs marriage ceremony for same-sex couple.

Posted September 2013 in Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender by Sharon Lopez

Justice Ginsburg officiated at the marriage ceremony of Michael M. Kaiser and his partner John Roberts in September 2013.  While Justice Ginsburg was a part of Windsor, the historic decision requiring the federal government to recognize federal rights and benefits for gay couples who are married under state law, she had already planned to perform the marriage rites of her friends.  The District of Columbia recognizes gay marriage and Justice Ginsburg performed the ceremony at the Kennedy Center, located in the District.  Justice Ginsburg is 80 years old and has served 20 years on the United States Supreme Court.  She has no immediate plans to retire, but does have plans to officiate for other same-sex couples.  Other Supreme Court Justices routinely perform marital rites for friends and ex-clerks. 

Justice Ginsburg, who was not the first woman on the Supreme Court bench, but played an important role in many of the gender related Equal Protection cases that opened the equality door for everyday women in the justice system, in the service and at work. The cases include: Reed v. Reed, 404 U.S. 71 (1971) (extending the Equal Protection Clause to women); Frontiero v. Richardson, 411 U.S. 677 (1973)(finding military benefits cannot be different where based solely on gender); Weinberger v. Wiesenfeld, 420 U.S. 636 (1975)(developing the intermediate scrutiny Equal Protection standard of review for legal classifications based on sex); Duren v. Missouri, 439 U.S. 357 (1979) (challenging laws and practices making jury duty voluntary for women in Missouri).

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